Flexbox Basics for People Who Hate CSS Talk


I gave this talk in March of 2017 right when I first started picking up Flexbox. I was never and I'm still not the world's biggest fan of CSS and definitely not trying to layout a page without Bootstrap. Flexbox (and now CSS Grid) have made life a lot better for me and others who aren't crazy about futzing about with CSS layout.

The talk was just a quick introduction to the basics of Flexbox.

Talk Overview

I, unfortunately, forgot to record this talk audio. We covered the basics of setting up a flex container using display: flex;. I explained flex-direction, justify-content, and align-items. Finally, I demonstrated the holy grail of CSS layout. I centered a box horizontally and vertically using Flexbox. The crowd wasn't nearly excited as I thought they should be.....centering stuff is hard and has been for ages!

Talk Download

You can see the outline of my talk, here.