Image Search Abstraction Layer Retrospective


The image search abstraction layer project takes a search term and offset value from the user and then uses the Bing search API to return to the user their search results. You can also visit the /latest endpoint to see the most recent searches.

The Server-side Development with NodeJS course on Coursera helped me complete this project. It covers Node, Express, MongoDB, and Mongoose, so you can use it to learn everything you might need for the M, E, and N parts of the MEAN stack.

Code Review

I remember that after building the URL shortener this project seemed much easier. It did not require a database at all, so it was that much simpler to build. The only complexity here was learning how to make an xhr request from the server rather than from the client. Conveniently, you make that call very similarly to how you might do it from the front end by using a package called request.

Future Improvements

As far as improvements go, I don't think I will rewrite any of these first stabs at Node/Express apps. I view them as much more learning experiences rather than applications that should be maintained. That said, I'm happy to have done them and gotten my first steps into the scary back-end!