Markdown Previewer Retrospective


The markdown previewer project was my first project using a JavaScript framework. When I first made the step from HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery to a JavaScript framework, I started out with React. I just couldn't wrap my head around passing state and props around and really disliked JSX. So I chose to teach myself Angular 2 instead.

I immediately enjoyed and understood Angular much better than I had React. I've since written 5 applications with Angular. I still have a lot to learn in writing single page applications with Angular, but it's an extremely enjoyable development experience.

Code Review

Looking at the code for this project, it's obvious that I used an older version of Angular. The template is inline rather than in its own separate .html file. I used the marked npm package to translate from markdown to HTML. This is a very simple project so there isn't a lot of code to review. At the time, I remember struggling with Angular CLI and also how to get external packages imported and working in an Angular project.

One thing I definitely did miss here is that I thought the markdown syntax for monospace was surrounding the text with single quotes (''), but I should have used backticks (``).

Future Improvements

This app could be rewritten pretty quickly just due to how simple it is. This could be a good candidate for learning Jasmine testing and learning about the new changes in Angular 4.0.0 which just released a few days ago.