Personal Portfolio Retrospective


The personal portfolio project was a first stab at creating a webpage where I could host information about myself and also my other projects to show off.

The webpage is mostly HTML and CSS, but I did experiment for the first time with a small piece of JavaScript for showing and hiding the navigation based on the user's scroll postion. I ended up finding that script on Stack Overflow after messing around with several different jQuery scroll plugins that I couldn't ever get working.

I also added Google Analytics on my portfolio, though I almost never check what my analytics look like.

Code Review

Reviewing the code in my portfolio, I was making a lot of the same errors I made in the Tribute page project. I shouldn't have bothered with the JavaScript nav bar flourish. The script I found on Stack Overflow was written in jQuery, so I linked to the CDN for all of jQuery for a cool effect.

I also leaned upon Bootstrap for the page layout and made the same types of errors as in the Tribute page. I used very little of Bootstrap other than the grid and didn't bother using any of the different sized columns to make it more mobile friendly. Everything is still col-md-x here.

I think I also am using a very large background image that hurts the loading speed of the page.

Future Improvements

My portfolio is high on the list of things that need rewriting. A few changes I'd like to make are:

  • Remove the extraneous link to jQuery and the nav bar scroll flourish
  • Remove Bootstrap and use something like Flexbox since I'm only using Bootstrap for layout
  • The overall design needs to be different. Cleaner, more modern. I do not have a designer's eye, so I'll need to look for inspiration
  • The portfolio page will become a portfolio site as I've added too many completed projects to do a one page portfolio