Tribute Page Retrospective


The tribute page project is a simple static page on some person, place, or thing that interests you. I chose to make my page on one of my favorite bands, Lucero.

Technically, the page is very simple. It's only HTML and CSS. I used Bootstrap to help with the layout.

If you don't know who Lucero is and you're into southern whiskey rock, you definitely should:

Lucero Women & Work album cover

Code Review

Looking back at the code I wrote for this project over a year ago, there are definitely some places that could use some love.

First off, for some reason I linked jQuery in the head of the HTML page, but this page has no need for it. This was probably an oversight from just copying the head of another project and pasting it in for this one.

My understanding of Bootstrap was pretty limited at the time. I really only utilized it for the layout grid. I didn't utilize any other elements of Bootstrap. I also didn't set up any columns for different sized screens, so all of my columns are col-md-X.

Overall, this was a nice little static page project to get my feet wet in just getting a project structure setup, getting a page on the screen, and making sure I could link to resources and style sheets.

Future Improvements

It's unlikely I bother updating this page in the future. I think the usefulness of this page has passed. However, there is room for improvement here:

  • Remove the extraneous link to jQuery
  • Remove Bootstrap and use something like Flexbox since I'm only using Bootstrap for layout